Help plan participants

Make the most of their 401(k) with cutting edge retirement solutions

Increase participation
and help employees reach their retirement goals

Fingage integrates seamlessly into your current 401(k) ecosystem by working with your 401(k) provider and plan advisor. Our smart robo-advisor provides personalized investment advice and retirement planning tools to all plan participants. While you focus on your business, Fingage helps all employees achieve their retirement goals.

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Of Americans Live
Paycheck to Paycheck*
Don't Participate
in Any Retirement
Savings Plan*
Of Americans
Are in Debt*
* According to a survey by CareerBuilder published on August 24, 2017.

Benefits of working with Fingage


Offer our retirement planning solution with no hassle. We coordinate with the recordkeeper and communicate with participants to meet your participants’ needs

Personalized Advice

Our personalized portfolios are based on more than just age. The holistic wealth of each participants is used to build a personalized and dynamic glide path without any risk questionnaires

Increased Participation

Our smart robo-advisor can auto-enroll all participants in our Qualified Default Investment Alternative "QDIA“ program to help all participants achieve their retirement goals

User Empowerment

Easy to use calculators and retirement planning tools enable plan participants to make the right saving and retirement choices

Transparent Pricing

Fingage is a 3(38) fiduciary to participants. There are no hidden fees and our investment advice is always based on plan participants’ best interests.

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