Solving complex
investment problems

Fingage® is a digital platform solving some of the most complex investment problems with smart and scalable technology to help advisors grow their business and help investors reach their goals.

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What We Do

Fingage is a scalable technology platform bringing smart investment solutions to advisors and investors.

We help advisors grow their business by automating complex tasks such as the management of tax liabilities in clients’ portfolios and the management of large number of model portfolios. Our unique smart models offer investors personalized target date portfolios that adapt to their financial situation to help them meet their goals.

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Technology Driven Investment Solutions


Scale your fund and asset allocation research using Fingage’s white-labeled platform to easily create, manage, update, and distribute investment models throughout your organization.

Digital and Customizable

Simplify your workflow with our digital client on-boarding, investment planning tools, engaging reports, and automated portfolio management tools.

QDIA Managed Accounts

Offer personalized target date portfolios to your 401(k) clients using our fully customizable managed accounts available on over 50 recordkeepers.

Automated Tax Management

Grow your business and let Fingage automate portfolio management on all major brokers. Our tax and rebalance strategies will monitor and gradually transition new clients to your model portfolios without incurring capital gains.

Open Architecture

Create investment models for 4 objectives using any set of funds and manage approved funds available to your network of advisors.


Our universal and scalable technology allows you to offer advisors solutions to some of the most complex investment problems. Fingage helps advisors manage the tax liabilities of their clients accounts and simplifies their portfolio management workflow.

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Fingage helps you grow your business by simplifying the complex tasks of managing a large number of model portfolios, and managing the tax liabilities in clients’ accounts. Manage all your model portfolios with ease using building blocks and automate rebalancing and trading at all major brokers.

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No matter who is your 401(k) provider, Fingage can work with your plan advisor and your recordkeeper to offer your plan participants an intuitive managed account product and help them make the most of their 401(k).

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Our Team

Built by an experienced investment team

Samer Habl
Jason Novotny
Nick Heyn
Tom Hazuka, PhD
Schan Duff, PhD
Patrick Hughes
Mark Keleher


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